For CANHEIT-TECC 2018 we have developed our Themes and Topic areas in close consultation with our partners, drawing key topics for both CUCCIO and Compute Canada members. Below are the conference topic areas and the definitions that we've used to support them.


Developing risk-based security strategies that keep pace with current security threats and challenges.


Management and governance: Implementing effective institutional data governance practices.

Data-enabled culture: Using Business Intelligence and analytics to answer big questions and inform the broad conversation.

Research Computing

Advanced Research Computing
Research portals
Bridging the gap between Research Computing and IT

Student Success

Managing system implementations and integrations that support student success initiatives.

Understanding and advancing technology's role in defining the student experience on campus (from applicants to alumni).

Leading & Partnering

Helping institutional staff adapt to the increasing pace of technology change.

Institution-wide IT strategy: Reinforcing/Repositioning the role of IT leadership as an integral strategic partner of institutional leadership in achieving institutional missions.

Prioritizing and budgeting for IT: Balancing and rightsizing IT priorities and budget to support IT-enabled institutional efficiencies and innovation in the context of institutional funding realities.

Technology & Trends

Digital integrations - Ensuring system interoperability, scalability, extensibility, data integrity, standards and governance across multiple applications and platforms.


IT Staffing and Organisational Models

Ensuring adequate staffing capacity and staff retention considering retirements, new sourcing models, growing external competition, rising salaries, and the demands of technology initiatives on all staff.

CANHEIT-TECC 2018 : June 18-21